Lagu Winner, Week 3…

Congratulations, Haze!

Here is your winning photo taken in Punta Vega, Masbate:

Haze for Lagu's contest on Life's My Trip

“Philippine beaches are among the best in the world because they don’t just show how pristine the sands and how clear the waters are, they also mirror how we protect our beaches. A living proof is the Punta Vega beach in Masbate, also called “Little Boracay” by the locals. Who would have thought that such a beauty exists in a place we only know because of Rodeo. This just proves that Philippines is a home to many hidden gems and treasures – just waiting for us to unfold them.”


Your Lagu beach-friendly beach blanket is on its way to you!

Lagu beach-friendly beach blanket

To everyone else: there are two more chances to win! Even those who joined this week can re-submit your entries for the next round after the Holy Week holiday, which begins at midnight on April 12th (a week from now!) More Lagu beach-friendly beach blankets are up for grabs. Don’t forget to read our guidelines before sending in your entries!



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  1. Haze Ang says:

    yehey!!! :) thanks so much Christy and Patti! More power on your blog! :)

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